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Video Production

Your business has a story to tell, and there is no better way to tell that story than with a phenomenal video.

Web Design

A website is your digital foundation and needs to be fast, informative, easy to navigate, and visually pleasing.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising with both text and display ads is the most cost effective way to reach your audience.

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Monthly Digital Marketing Package

For less the cost of one employee, your business can have full access to an entire digital marketing department.

Capital Otolaryngology (Capoto) offers cutting-edge ear, nose and throat services to the greater Austin area. Their superior level of treatment and care includes balloon sinuplasty, snoring and sleep apnea treatments, thyroid surgery, hearing therapy and more.

After doing some digital advertising (PPC) and search engine marketing (SEM) for them, we noticed that they were getting lots of visits to their “Meet the Doctors” page. The problem though, was that there wasn’t much information on the page. There was the basic information, like where the doctors went to school and what associations they were members of — but there was no connection to be made, the visitors were not actually meeting the doctor. Even though web traffic was good, bounce rates (the percentage of people who leave the site after visiting one page) were awful.

Video Production to the Rescue

We proposed five videos to improve the page, to lower the bounce rate, and to increase conversions. One video for each of the four doctors and then one main video combining the best of each (for the home page). The key to each video is that it would help to personalize the doctor and by the time it’s over, a connection with the potential patient should be made.

So What Happened?

Soon after launching the videos, the bounce rate dropped significantly. Many of the new patients said that the reason they chose Capoto, was because the Meet the Doctor videos made them feel more comfortable and made the doctors feel more approachable.

Meet the Doctors Summary for Home Page

Meet the Doctor – Dr. Zachary Wassmuth

Meet the Doctor – Dr. Latif M. Dharamsi

Meet the Doctor – Dr. Esther Cheung-Phillips

Meet the Doctor – Dr. Yi-Hsuan Emmy Wu

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