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It would be an understatement to say that the opportunity to capture the 2017 Road Warriors ride from Austin to Charleston was exciting. We were thrilled to be able to help document this incredible story of the Road Warrior Foundation along with these amazing BRP Can-Am Spyder machines.

Steve Berger And Craig Anders - Founders Of The Road Warrior Foundation
Steve Berger and Craig Anders – Founders of the Road Warrior Foundation

The Road Warrior Foundation was formed in December 2013 by two friends looking to make a difference in the lives of soldiers who weren’t as lucky as they were. After meeting at the Air Force Academy in 1997, Steve Berger and Craig Anders have been best friends ever since. They went to school together, attended pilot training together, and served together. In 2013, they began brainstorming ways to make a difference for their fellow service members. They recognized the need to find a way to help out those who were injured while serving. They wanted to start an organization that wasn’t a “big business.” They wanted little overhead to ensure that all resources went where they were needed most — directly to veterans.

Road Warrior Ride – Day 0

It’s called adventure therapy and there is no more fitting way to describe this entire process. We were lucky enough to ride along and meet this years (and previous years) riders. Their stories are powerful and enlightened us to exactly what veterans experience when they return home.

Road Warrior Ride – Day 1

We were asked to capture the first five days, and do recap videos for each day as well as build a brand video for the Road Warrior Foundation. We shot footage all day long then compiled and edited everything together as it was happening.

Road Warrior Ride – Day 2

The Can-Am products are unreal and a blast to be on. Every rider had nothing but incredible things to say, from the fit to the performance, everyone was comfortable and empowered by a machine that is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Road Warrior Ride – Day 3

It was an unbelievable experience that let us see first hand the power of adventure therapy and the healing it brings to these wonderful men and women who serve our country. We gained new friends and new perspectives of the sacrifices these men and women make when they become soldiers.

Road Warrior Ride – Day 4

The open road is a wonderful place to reflect and it opened up new experiences that have changed us for the better. Not simply how we approach projects like this, but as human beings building community not only for understanding but for healing as well.

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