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The Road Warrior Foundation provides adventures to military veterans by empowering them through challenges that honor their service. This is the fourth year of the operation but one component has been missing — the ability to tell their story. In other words, explaining to people what the foundation is all about and why it is a fantastic idea to donate.

The Road Warrior Foundation Needed a Brand Video

The Road Warrior Foundation Needed A Brand Video

Fortunately for us, the opportunity arose for us to work with the Road Warriors and to help them capture their story via a brand video. Our approach to a brand video is simple: We capture who they are, why they do what they do, and who it benefits. That’s the normal foundation we like to lay out and build upon.

Nonstop Footage

Road Warrior Foundation Video Footage By Kulture Digital In Austin

We traveled with the Road Warriors for four days and shot footage nonstop. This year’s ride began in Austin, Texas and went all the way to Charleston, South Carolina. We rode with them to Louisiana and documented their story.

Sponsorship is Key

Can-Am Spyder Sponsors The Road Warrior Foundation
Can-Am Spyder sponsors the Road Warrior Foundation

The Road Warriors are sponsored by several organizations, but one of the biggest is Can-Am Spyder. These machines are the perfect tool for this ride. Not only are they comfortable for any veterans that are disabled or injured, they are also a breeze to learn and a blast to drive.

Amazing Stories Make Our Job Easier

Kulture Shoots Video Footage For Road Warrior Foundation Brand Video

We are so fortunate that we got to meet so many wonderful individuals and really learn the ins and outs of what makes this fantastic foundation tick. The stories from the veterans are powerful and really help us keep things in perspective. All the great footage made it easy to build a wonderful brand video.

The Road Warrior Foundation is an amazing group and their effort to bring adventure therapy to veterans is a fantastic cause. We are so happy to help spread the word about them as they continue to grow. For more information, visit the Road Warrior Foundation website.

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