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Like many businesses, The Trifecta on 3rd website had grown old and dated. It no longer reflected what the bar and restaurant was all about, and did not accomplish what the site needed to accomplish. They got in touch with us to give it a much-needed makeover.

You Gotta See it to Want it

The first step of the redesign was to take some amazing photos of the location, the drinks, and the food. When someone visits a restaurant online, they are normally looking for three main features: the location, the hours, and what the place serves.

Time For the Redesign

Once the photography was completed, we got to work on crafting the new site. Our goal was to keep it clean and simple. We narrowed down the main menu to the four things that were most important for the location: Drink, Eat, Locate, and Contact. We put the operating hours and a link to directions at the top and followed with the main reasons for visiting.

Trifecta On 3Rd Website Design By Kulture Digital In Austin, Tx

The New Trifecta on 3rd Website

The final result is a mobile-friendly website that clearly gives the visitor everything they need to find and visit Trifecta on 3rd in Austin, Texas. Visit the site to see for yourself.

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