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At some point in almost every client meeting, one of us brings up the fact that they should look at YouTube as their brand’s television channel for creative advertising. It’s always on and it’s available everywhere. If a business can harness that power and learn how to capture and hold people’s attention, the opportunities are endless.

Watched by Choice

YouTube covers every demographic and a great video can resonate with millions of people. Unlike television commercials, it’s a video that is watched by choice, not seen by chance. YouTube is an amazing tool that can build a brand by connecting with potential customers when they are paying attention.

Creative Advertising = Powerful Content

Google, which owns YouTube, has created a playbook that breaks down some of the most successful videos and explains what makes them work. They give you the information to create powerful content that will capture the attention of your intended audience. They will teach you how to set up a content plan and then how to measure the results.

Check out the YouTube Playbook

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