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Kulture Digital in 2017

In January of this year, we left the relative safety and comfort of regular full-time jobs and ventured into the unknown world of working for ourselves. Our goal was simple — to simplify the relationship between the client and the agency. A business needs a digital marketing partner who wants to invest the time to get to know the product or service. Someone who can share the vision and then capture the essence of the business and share it digitally with the online world.

A One-Stop Digital Shop

“When you get all the facets working together, it’s far more valuable than the sum of it’s parts. It becomes something you can totally believe in.”

While in the process of getting Kulture Digital started, we found that it’s really difficult to find a company that can handle all aspects of digital marketing. Sure, there are tons of businesses that can make you a website and then run digital advertising campaigns, but most of those don’t offer video production. Likewise, you can quickly find a lot of companies to shoot a brand video, but then what? How do you market that video to it’s fullest potential? What about social media marketing? Search engine marketing? Branding strategies? Traditional marketing?

Our First Year

2017 exceeded our expectations in every way. We have been so fortunate to have been able to meet and work with so many amazing businesses. We’ve learned TONS and grown in ways we would never have imagined back on January 1st. While we don’t want to bore you with everything that was accomplished by Kulture Digital in 2017, we would love to share a few things that we are especially proud of. First, a quick disclaimer: If we worked with you this year and didn’t share your project below, PLEASE don’t think that we don’t value your business or the work that was done. For a deeper dive into our work, please check out the Kulture Blog.

Rambler Wheels

Rambler Wheels has the honor of being our first client. We began working with them before we officially started the company and we are still going strong. We helped them completely rebrand, built them an e-commerce website, shot updated product photos, and handle their digital advertising campaigns. It doesn’t hurt that we also love the wheels.

Rambler Wheels Branding By Kulture Digital In Austin

Read more about the Rambler Wheels Digital Marketing Plan and the Rambler Wheels Website on the Kulture Blog and check them out on the Rambler Wheels website.

Flex Coat

Roger Seiders started Flex Coat in 1977 when he couldn’t find a reliable coating to protect his custom fishing rods. His determination and commitment to quality is what built Flex Coat into the business it is today. We built them an e-commerce website, shot product photos and produced a brand video.

Flex Coat Photography By Kulture Digital In Austin

Read more about the Flex Coat website and the Flex Coat Video on the Kulture Blog and check them out on the Flex Coat website.

A Trio of Videos

We produced a wide range of videos in 2017. Here are a few that show the diverse group of clients that we had the privilege to work with.


Read more about our video projects on the Kulture Blog and at Kulture Films.

Capital Otolaryngology

We initially began working with Capital Otolaryngology to produce their videos. We started with a Meet the Doctors video after we noticed that the Meet the Doctors page on their website received a lot of traffic — but also had a high bounce rate. This led us to believe that potential patients were interested in learning more about the doctors, but were frustrated when the page did not have much info. We’ve produced numerous videos since then including procedure videos and patient testimonials.

Read more about the work we’ve done with Capital Otolaryngology on the Kulture Blog.

Surfari Charters

Surfari Charters offers all-inclusive trips to Nicaragua jammed packed with surfing, fishing, food, drinks, and top notch service. We worked with them to capture their amazing story.


Read more about our work with Surfari Charters on the Kulture Blog.

A Collection of Websites

We designed and developed a wide range of websites in 2017. Here are a few that show the diverse group of clients that we had the privilege to work with.

Kulture on Social

Every business should find the social media channels that make the most sense to them and be on them frequently. The trick, though, is that you have to be genuine. Our social platforms of choice are Instagram and Facebook — check us out

Road Warrior Foundation

The Road Warrior Foundation was created to provide adventure therapy to injured military veterans. Each year, they host a cross country ride and we were fortunate to be asked to document it for a brand video. The goal of the video is to tell the foundation’s story and to show potential donors why it’s so important to donate.


For more information on the ride, read our daily recap with videos. For more information on the Road Warrior Foundation, visit their website.

Xpress Oil Change Plus

We’ve been working with the Don Hewlett dealership in Georgetown for a few months. In 2017, we worked on various projects with them including helping them launch their Xpress Oil Change Plus business. We created their logo, designed graphics and promotional materials, shot photographs, built their website, and handle their SEO.

Xpress Oil Change Plus Branding By Kulture Digital In Austin, TX

Learn more about what we did on the Kulture Blog.

Don Hewlett

As we said above, we worked on various things with Don Hewlett in 2017. Another great project was putting together a video for their Christmas party. The goal of the video was to thank the employees, reaffirm what they stand for, and to cover some of the community work that they did throughout the year. The following video is just the intro of the full video.


Kulture Behind the Scenes

Latest From the Kulture Blog


Thanks to Everyone Who Worked With and Helped Kulture Digital in 2017!

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