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Working with Erika Thompson of Texas Beeworks is always an adventure. On recent outings, we’ve focused on bee removals and the idea that these could be episodes just like a television show. Honey bee removals range from ordinary places, like water meters and compost bins, to unique places as well. For instance, one of the episodes found Erika removing an old honey bee colony from a fallen owl house.

Bee Removal Can Be Challenging

Filming these honey bee removals are challenging as we attempt to plan for the unexpected. At any given moment, the honey bee colony could swarm and leave, become irritable or defensive. In these moments, protection is key as we wear protective honey bee suits and gear. Erika is a professional and a bee-whisperer at heart. She always maintains a calm and loving approach with all the bees as she only has their best interest in mind.

Witnessing the process of gathering a honey bee hive and moving it into a temporary hive is captivating. The goal is to move the beehive from its current location into a temporary one, and then ultimately back to Erika’s apiary where they will thrive. Typically, Erika will receive a few calls each week between March and September from people requesting the removal of honey bees.

As always honey bees are so important to our world and our lives, without them we’d most likely lose the majority of our food. The experience of working with Erika and the bees is a great moment for us here at Kulture and one we will never forget.

Episode One

Episode Two

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