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Does Your Business Need Help with Digital Marketing?


Kulture Digital offers a complete digital marketing solution with a focus on web design, digital marketing, photography and video production. We don’t want to entice you by showing you what WE’VE done in the past, we want to excite you by showing you what YOU can do in the future.

So Who the #@$% is Kulture and Why Can't They Spell?

After years at a traditional agency, we felt that there had to be a better way. We wanted to change the culture of the office and the culture of the client-agency relationship. We also wanted to add some culture to the work that we produced by shooting cinematic videos, designing clean websites, and building compelling digital advertising campaigns. Finally, because we wanted to change culture itself, we changed the C to a K, because, why not?

Latest From the Kulture Blog

Traditional Marketing Versus Digital Marketing

The success of a traditional advertising campaign relies on one main thing: HOPE. Hope that the message will reach the intended audience and hope that the intended audience will be compelled to act on the pitch. Results on this strategy are not easy to measure and it is hard to determine if a campaign was successful or not.

With digital marketing, you can target a very specific audience and let them view your message however they like. Some people prefer to watch a video while others like to read, and a digital campaign can give them that option. Also, unlike traditional efforts, the results are easy to measure and changes can be made on the fly.

Ready to Meet Kulture Digital?

Strong, consistent branding has the ability to elevate a brand to the next level. An amazing digital campaign bringing potential customers to a perfectly designed website with a killer video has exponentially more power when combined. If you remove one of those pieces, the branding falters.

Here at Kulture Digital, that’s how we approach marketing and it’s how we feel the about our team. When you get all the facets working together, it’s far more valuable than the sum of it’s parts. It becomes something you can totally believe in.

Kulture Digital Team: Jeremy Sexton

Jeremy Sexton

Video, Photography, Creative

When you combine years of movie and television experience with over a decade of marketing knowledge, you get a powerful skillset. Jeremy approaches every shoot with a mixture of cinematic perspective and advertising expertise.

Kulture Digital Team: Dan Poore

Dan Poore

Web Design, SEO, Creative

With a unique mixture of creative design skills and a technical coding background, Dan is able to be both the developer and the designer on projects. He handles websites, landing pages, digital ads, email marketing, search engine optimization and so much more.

Kulture Digital Team: Brian Watson

Brian Watson

Digital Advertising, Analytics, Client Relations

Looking for Brian? You will usually locate him deep inside Google Analytics. He lives for data and feels that the only proper way to build a digital campaign is by hand. To be successful, the nuances of great online advertising requires the deftness of the human touch.

Still Have Questions About Digital Marketing?

While we focus on web design, digital marketing, photography and video production, it’s not all that we do. At Kulture Digital, we want to be your one stop digital shop. Contact us today so that we can excite you by showing you what YOU can do in the future.

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