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For businesses that have in-house digital marketing departments, they’re finding more and more that the positions are tough to fill. As the online segment of marketing continues to evolve and grow, finding skilled talent is hard. And it is only going to get harder.

Digital Marketing Positions are in Demand

According to the latest report from Workable, it takes over 40 days to fill a digital marketing position. In the real world, that’s a long time. In the fast-moving online world, that’s a lifetime. Here are some of the hardest digital marketing positions to place:

Search Engine Management

Search engine management, also known as search engine marketing (SEM), combines the SEO skillset with the PPC skillset. Basically, the focus is on finding the right mix of onsite optimization, offsite optimization and digital advertising to increase traffic to a website.

Art Director

Art directors have been around since before the internet revolution, but the position has evolved tremendously as the workflow has shifted from print to digital. Today’s art director has to be able to handle traditional assets (like magazine ads, billboards, logos) as well as digital assets (banner ads, social media posts, web graphics).

Marketing Technologist

The main focus of the marketing technologist is to dig into the analytics and determine the best course of action for the creative. They must be able to take all of the available tools: web design, SEO, digital advertising and video production — and integrate them into a complete branding solution.

There’s Got to be Another Way

What if your company doesn’t have time to wait or doesn’t have an in-house digital marketing department? Luckily, there are companies that offer digital marketing services and basically can become your digital marketing team. Unfortunately, often times you have to find a company to handle web development and SEO, another to handle digital advertising, and yet another to handle video production and photography. Then, you still need a marketing technologist on staff to pull everything together.

Kulture Digital to the Rescue

Here at Kulture, we offer a complete digital marketing solution. Our first step is to perform a deep dive into your current situation and then develop a plan to get your company on the right track. We will help you create a solid foundation and then grow your digital presence.

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Kulture Digital, located in Austin, offers a complete branding and digital marketing solution to businesses of all sizes. We offer cross-functional integration of web design, SEO, digital advertising, social media marketing, photography and video production.

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