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The Cottages at Autumn Wood is a 20 lot, eco-friendly community located in south Austin. It is being developed by Townbridge Homes, who has been building quality custom homes since 1963. We began working with them in December of 2016 and developed a complete digital marketing plan. This included branding, website development, video production and online advertising.

Autumn Wood Branding

Cottages At Autumn Wood Logo By Kulture Digital In Austin

Before building a website or shooting videos, we needed to develop the look for The Cottages at Autumn Wood. This involved selecting the right font and color combinations that would establish the brand, and let people know at a glance what Autumn Wood meant. We decided to use a modern, clean font with warm, earthy colors. Adding a simple, solitary leaf was the final element that brought it all together.

Design and Develop the Website for Autumn Wood

Cottages At Autumn Wood Website By Kulture Digital In Austin

Once the branding was established, we designed and developed the website utilizing the same elements that we used in the logo. Using the same fonts and colors is a great way to keep everything cohesive. We worked closely with Townbridge Homes to write the informative and keyword-filled content for the website. For lead generation, we included live chat, a phone number and a friendly contact form.

The Branding Video

The initial video needed to introduce the project to everyone and get people excited about Autumn Wood. This involved letting them meet Aaron Levy, the president of Townbridge Homes. The next step was to give a brief overview of the development and point out some of the best features.

The Features Video

The goal of the second video was to highlight the features and amenities of the homes that set them apart from the competition. The Cottages at Autumn Wood’s houses are eco-friendly and have a lot of premium features available in the base models.

Shoot Amazing Photographs

Cottages At Autumn Wood Photography By Kulture Digital In Austin
Cottages At Autumn Wood Photography By Kulture Digital In Austin
Cottages At Autumn Wood Photography By Kulture Digital In Austin
Cottages At Autumn Wood Photography By Kulture Digital In Austin

Here at Kulture Digital, we always try to stay away from traditional stock photos on our websites, social media posts and digital advertising campaigns. Luckily, we are skilled in photography and try to include it as part of the web design package.

Get the Message Out

Once the website was launched and the content was produced, it was time to build the digital campaigns to bring awareness of The Cottages at Autumn Wood. Working closely with the client, we decided to focus on AdWords, Facebook and Instagram. We then monitored the campaigns and reallocated the budget to produce the best results.

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