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About 16 years ago, a young couple from Florida decided to take a chance. They left their home in the United States to move to Nicaragua to start a new chapter in their lives. In the years since, Lance and Kristen Moss have built a successful business called Surfari Charters. Their story is an amazing one, and Kulture wanted to tell it.

Kulture Heads South

After lots of planning, the stage was set for us to head to this paradise to capture their story. Surrounded by lakes, volcanoes, and the Pacific Ocean — nothing could have prepared us for the raw beauty of Nicaragua. After landing in Managua, we jumped in the Hi-Lux and began to make our way down to the rugged, southwestern part of Nicaragua.

At One with Nature

Surfari Charters Video Footage By Kulture Digital

Paved roads slowly gave way to gravel, which in turn, yielded to the dirt. After cruising through the jungle for quite awhile, it suddenly appeared: One of the most beautiful beaches we’d ever seen. The Surfari compound is spread out from the beach to the main homestead up in the hills, which overlooks the beach area.

The Hosts with the Most

Jeremy And Brian With The Surfari Family
Jeremy and Brian with the Surfari family

Lance and Kristen are wonderful people and have surrounded themselves with a staff of friends that are equally remarkable. We filmed nonstop from the moment we got there to the moment we left. Capturing everything we could think of and talking to everyone involved. The only issue we had was that our drone was confiscated at the airport. Drones are currently banned in Nicaragua and while we know how amazing it would have been to have it there, we couldn’t get past the law (they were very kind and gave it back upon our departure).

So Much to See, So Much to Do

Team Kulture On A Surfari Charters Boat In Nicaragua

Despite not soaring above this lustrous country, we still captured a ton of beauty and had an experience that we will never forget. We filmed sun up to sun down, interviewing and working with everyone involved to get the best footage we could. The entire family at Surfari Charters are the best in the business and create an unreal experience for every guest. We are beyond stoked to share their story and hope others are inspired as well.

About Surfari Charters

Surf and fish in Nicaragua with Surfari Charters. With all-inclusive travel to surf with the best surf guides and to fish with the country’s top fishing team. They provide it all: surfing, fishing, accommodations, guides, food, drinks, and top notch service.

Surfari Charters Video Shoot With Kulture Digital

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