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Kulture Digital has been working with The Carlson Law Firm for over three years and it has been an amazing relationship. Our latest project with them was a commercial shoot focused on a client appreciation event. This was our second fullscale production commercial with Carlson and like the first one, the goal was to show what sets them apart from the competition.

Not Your Typical Attorney Commercials

Not Your Typical Attorney Commercials From Kulture Digital

This was a full day commercial shoot where we brought in some of their past clients to talk about their relationship with the firm. We wanted to learn about how they are doing and Carlson wanted to show that they care and appreciate them. Each client had their own unique story and background and our goal was to present them as accurately and genuinely as possible.

Location, Location, Location

A Great Commercial Is All About A Great Location With Kulture Digital

The shoot was done on location at The Grove in Round Rock, TX. It is normally used as a wedding venue, but after scouting it a few times and seeing all the natural light that came in, we knew it would be a fantastic backdrop for the commercial. Kathy, the owner, went above and beyond and was available for anything that we needed.

Preparation is Key

Preparation Is The Key For A Great Commercial Shoot With Kulture Digital

It was an early start, and having the team from ATX Grip was a must. They got all the equipment unloaded and set up everything quickly. Even though there was amazing natural light, we still needed lots of lights to properly highlight the scenes. Cameras were set up inside, outside, on tripods, and on tracks.

A Full Day of Shooting

Full Day Professional Video Shoots With Kulture Digital

We had over 15 different scenes to film and Jeremy had everyone working in perfect harmony. All the lawyers and past clients had a great time and there were lots of laughs and hugs. It was a long day, but in the end, we were able to capture everything we needed to bring the vision to life.

Appreciating the Appreciation

Attorney Commercials For The Carlson Law Firm

We want to thank everyone (Carlson, teams, clients, etc). Most lawyers talk about how much money they’ll get you or have big cowboy hats. It’s great to work with a law firm that’s been around for over 40 years and cares about its people, and it’s clients like it’s still in its first year.

The Carlson Law Firm – Client Appreciation #1

The Carlson Law Firm – Client Appreciation #2

The Carlson Law Firm – Client Appreciation #3

The Carlson Law Firm – Client Appreciation #4

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