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Teaming up with Elissa Sexton and her real estate business, Sexton in the City, the goal was to create a brand video to give new customers a look inside her style as a realtor. We staged her interview with a two camera set up. This adds a dynamic touch in interviews by giving you places to cut away. This also enhances the overall production value, to make the shoot feel more cinematic. In addition to Elissa’s interview, we staged two different shoots with some of her past clients. B-roll, as it’s known, is valuable to a video because it adds dynamic value and enhances the overall production.

Rise Above the Competition

Real Estate is a highly competitive market, and it can be tough to stand out. In a field that has this much competition, it’s important to identify what makes you unique and how you market yourself. We met with Elissa, and through interviews, we got to know her and how she does business. Once we were comfortable with understanding her, and her business, we began to push forward into production.

Video is a Great Way to Connect with Potential Clients

We wanted to set a tone with Elissa and show that she’s approachable, friendly, excited, and down to earth. Our goal was to avoid any “pat’s on the back” or “oh, look at me” moments. Ultimately, we want people to connect with her and begin to develop trust. Elissa was a natural in front of the camera and easily shared her story — and her approach to real estate. Her process, whether buying or selling, consists of adapting to each client’s personal needs. Her goal is to be adaptable and stay out of the emotion of buying or selling a house.

Behind the Scenes

We shot on our two Canon 5D IV cameras, with Rokinon prime lenses. We also used a few drone shots that we captured with our DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ drone. The shoot was done over period of two days here in Austin. The post production process took around three weeks and involved building the edit, mixing the sound, and color correction.

The End Result

We could not be happier with the video and it was a blast to make. Our hope is that it helps Elissa share her story and grow her business. As we wrap up each shoot, we continue to grow as a team and immediately are ready to go again. We always come back to a simple question here at Kulture, who’s next?

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