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We Love to Tell Stories with Amazing Videos

Everyone has one, and who doesn’t LOVE hearing a great story? At Kulture Digital, we bring a cinematic approach to telling the story of your business, product or even capturing testimonials from your past clients. Video is EVERYTHING, and without it you’re being over-looked for the ones who embrace the visual medium (AKA your competition). Connect with your audience today, TELL YOUR STORY with us, in a dynamic video and make the emotional connection that elevates your brand.

Harry Rockafeller Memorial

Michael is a police officer in Wall Township, New Jersey and shared with us his incredible story of a chance encounter with a World War II hero. The man, Harry Rockafeller, had recently died and Michael wanted to raise money to build a statue. The Rockafeller Memorial will honor Harry and other war heroes.

Surfari Charters

About 16 years ago, a young couple from Florida decided to take a chance. They left their home in the United States to move to Nicaragua to start a new chapter in their lives. In the years since, Lance and Kristen Moss have built a successful business called Surfari Charters. Their story is an amazing one, and Kulture wanted to tell it.

Sexton in the City

Teaming up with Elissa Sexton and her real estate business, Sexton in the City, the goal was to create a brand video to give new customers a look inside her style as a realtor. We staged her interview with a two camera set up which adds a dynamic touch in interviews while giving you places to cut away. This enhances the overall production value, to make the shoot feel more cinematic.

The Road Warrior Foundation

The Road Warrior Foundation is an amazing group and their effort to bring adventure therapy to veterans is a fantastic cause. We are so happy to help spread the word about them as they continue to grow.

Carlson Law Firm

We worked together with the Carlson Law Firm to create a brand video that effectively shares their story. The Carlson Law Firm has for more than 40 years handled countless personal injury cases and assisted many injured victims in winning fair compensation for their injuries. They specialize in a number of legal areas with an incredible team of wonderful people.

Concepts Unlimited

Concepts Unlimited is a credit union advertising agency in Austin, Texas. With a deep background in the banking and credit union worlds, CU Advertising has offered their unique experience and insight into these financial regions for over thirty-five years.

SUBU: Show Up and Blow Up

Lance and Kristin Moss began Surfari Charters International in Nicaragua in 2002. Their mission is to provide professional guided transportation on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua for hard core surfers and fishermen, with a family style twist. Their approach to life is captured perfectly in their motto SUBU and this short film explains how it drives them to be their best with everything they do.

Flex Coat: How it Began

Roger Seiders started Flex Coat in 1977 when he couldn’t find a strong, lightweight coating for his custom fishing rods. He developed the perfect formula and it is still their top seller today. Flex Coat now makes a full line of high end rod building finishes, glues, equipment and accessories that are built to last.

Purk: The Green Coffee Pioneers

Charbel Chahine grew up drinking an amazing coffee drink made from green coffee beans. He spent a long time trying to replicate the beverage (breaking countless grinders in the process) until he and his buddies came up with the perfect blend of green coffee and spices. The result is a unique and beneficial drink.

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