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We’ve been shooting videos for Capital Otolaryngology for a while, so we have a clear understanding of what their mission is and how to capture it digitally. When it was time to redesign their website, we already had some thoughts on how to improve it.

Rethinking the Doctor Website

While researching other medical practice websites, we came to the conclusion that most of them are not really geared towards the patient. Most of the sites list out the conditions without really guiding the user through the symptoms. A lot of potential patients know what’s bothering them, but they might not know what the actual ailment is.

We always talk about how important it is to have a consistent message and we were able to demonstrate that with the updated Capital Otolaryngology website. We already had an extensive library of videos and photos that we had produced, so we were able to feature them in the new design. We also took the opportunity to write updated, SEO-friendly copy to bulk up the pages and add value to the site.

The New Capital Otolaryngology Website

Capital Otolaryngology Website Designed By Kulture Digital In Austin

The end result is an online experience that is user-friendly, with professional videos and real photography. A potential patient can learn all about the procedures, get to know the doctors, and be a lot more comfortable before they even walk in the door.

Check out the Capital Otolaryngology website and see all the other work that we’ve done with them.

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