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IONYX advanced the nanoceramic coatings industry by creating a product made out of quartz. This technological breakthrough allows almost anything to be protected by a clear layer of quartz. They have coatings for automotive, military, electronics, industrial, marine, infrastructure, property, and more. The possibilities are endless for what IONYX coatings can help to protect.

A Great Product Needs a Great Website

After seeing what we did for Flex Coat, IONYX contacted us to build them a new website. They wanted a clean and modern looking site that could help explain the complex science behind their technology in a friendly, easy to understand way. They also wanted it to be simple for potential customers to be able to figure out which IONYX product they needed.

The New IONYX Coatings Website

Ionyx Coatings Website Design By Kulture Digital In Austin, Tx

We’re incredibly happy with how the new IONYX Coatings website came out. It clearly explains the what, how, and why of the technology and makes it easy for potential customers to take the next step.

Check out the IONYX Coatings website.

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