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The dental practice of Dr. David J. Gordon II has been meeting the needs of the Austin community for over 20 years. They create a warm, fun, and educational atmosphere that helps patients achieve their health goals. Their competent team understands the need to create treatment plans for any situation.

A Great Practice Needs a Great Website

Dr. Gordon had an online presence, but it was a cookie-cutter template that did not effectively capture the essence of his practice. He was in the middle of an office renovation when we first met with him, so we decided that the new website would match the color palette that he chose. We also set up a time to take photographs for the new site because real photos are exponentially better than stock photography.

The New Gordon Dental Logo

Gordon Dental Logo By Kulture Digital In Austin, Tx

Dr. Gordon’s practice is located in downtown Austin in a hip and stylish area. Because of that, we wanted the logo to be clean and professional while still having a little fun. In the end, we found a way to combine the G from Gordon and the D from Dental into an icon that formed a tooth.

The New Gordon Dental Website

Gordon Dental Website Design By Kulture Digital In Austin, Tx

With the photos and logo complete, we set to work on building the website. We incorporated the colors from the renovation and the end result is a site that we feel fully embodies everything that Dr. Gordon and his practice is about. Check out the new Gordon Dental website.

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