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Hooey Brands is so much more than hats and clothing. Hooey is a lifestyle. From humble beginnings working out of a spare bedroom in south Texas, Hooey has become THE brand for rodeo enthusiasts and people looking for quality, alternative apparel. The same attention to detail that they give to their products was missing from their website, so Kulture Digital made the trip to Hooey HQ to lend a hand.

The Hooey Empire

Hooey has a lot of different products and collections. This includes hats, shirts, shorts, jackets, backpacks, accessories, and more. In addition to the Hooey brand, they also offer American Made, Roughy, Punchy, Cloverleaf, and others. Beyond their products, they also have a passion for music and video. Their new website had to incorporate all of this.

Integrating Hooey

Since they already had an online store set up with BigCommerce, our first objective was to find a clean way to integrate the store into the new WordPress website. After finding a solution, we got to work on building an online home that could go toe to toe with the big dogs, but still have the Hooey personality.

The New Hooey Brands Website

Hooey Brands Website Designed By Kulture Digital In Austin, Tx

The new site seamlessly integrates products from their online store, makes it easy to find a third-party retailer, shares the music that they’re passionate about, and more. It’s a clean, easy-to-navigate home with room to grow and to continue to build on the Hooey brand.

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