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RODgeeks, located in upstate New York, owns and operates a state-of-the-art fishing rod factory and produces thousands of fishing rods every week. They have the equipment, the expertise, and the experience to guarantee that every rod is built to the highest standards.

Rodgeeks Rg-42 Product Video By Kulture Digital In Austin,Tx

On Location Shooting

RODgeeks had a new product coming out and contacted Kulture to get a product video made. We traveled to Florida and the Texas Gulf Coast to gather footage and to get testimonials.

Introducing the RG-42

Is fishing one of your favorite ways to relax? In today’s busy life, we’re always on the move. So how can you get in more of what you love doing? Now, there’s a solution that plays perfectly into your schedule… and fits right in your hands.

The RG-42 Product Video

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