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SkyRealty is a full service real estate brokerage for Austin and the surrounding Central Texas areas. They have over 75 experienced real estate agents who specialize in various areas. Their agents represent both buyers and sellers of residential properties, and customer satisfaction is their primary goal.

How Did Kulture Digital Help?

We met with the founder, Curtis Reddehase, and learned what makes SkyRealty the ideal brokerage to begin an Austin area home search. Once we had a clear understanding of who they are and what they stand for, we worked with three of their agents to create a realtor profile video and a testimonial video for each agent. We then produced a SkyRealty brand video that focused on their core mission and featured Curtis.

The SkyRealty Brand Video

Audrey Serenil Realtor Profile Video

Audrey is an Austin realtor with over 10 years of experience with a passion for educating buyers on the home buying process. She believes that knowledge is power and equips potential buyers to make the best decision possible. Audrey and her team are ready to work for you.

Audrey Serenil Agent Testimonial Video

Jeff Hayenga Realtor Profile Video

Jeff Hayenga played music and toured the world in his younger days, so Austin and it’s vibrant music scene was a perfect fit when he left Fargo, North Dakota. He now offers almost 20 years of real estate experience to prospective buyers and loves meeting new clients.

Jeff Hayenga Agent Testimonial Video

Haley Leatherwood Realtor Profile Video

Haley Leatherwood was born with a passion to serve. Raised in Abbeville, Louisiana, she was brought up with strong values and the importance of helping others. Haley has always had an outgoing and welcoming personality —as her mother loves to say, she’s “never met a stranger!”

Haley Leatherwood Agent Testimonial Video

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